Arrisa Avenue

You've been waiting for that chance to add fuel to your dreams, ignite the passion for business and enjoy a high-flying corporate work-style. This is it. Take the leap ahead in your business with Arrisa Avenue, a superstructure with floor space of 50,000 sq. ft. the best of modern corporate infrastructure like lifts, impressive lobby, waiting lounge etc.

With retail and office spaces ranging from 1,550-3000 sq. ft. spread over 6 floors, Arrisa Avenue will give wings to your dreams and will provide the platform for a better tomorrow. So get ready to celebrate your success, because the future is definitely going to congratulate you.

Work at Arrisa Avenue. And be inspired for a lifetime!


  • Boutiques Offices
  • 1435 - 1800
  • 1,10,00,000 Onward
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